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s06 Ceramic Artists Dragon

The dragon art series all started with a commission by novelist John Gardner in celebration of his retelling of the ancient Anglo Saxon poem Beowulf.  The original commissioned Dragon was placed in an ancient silver maple tree facing his residence, a gothic mansion on a hill.  The hill jutting prominently as a floating mirage on a see of corn and soybeans. 

The sculpture measured 7 feet 8 inches tall and was composed of high fired ceramic stoneware.  It was created in hollow sections, assembled in the tree and filled with reinforced concrete, weighing over a ton. 

The placement was as he envisioned Dragon giving advice to Beowulf.

From this beginning our dragon image evolved and became an artists exploration of the energies intrinsic to our being.  A creative power of imagination effortlessly brought forth through the use of skill, an apparition in this dream called life.