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Fred and Laurel Lee Salt Kiln Makanda Ill 1972

Our art business started while we were students at Southern Illinois University selling our work through out the Midwest. The kiln pictured was a formidable beast with a roar belching flames and smoke, an alchemist dream of transforming clay to stone.

Salt Kin Firing

Pictured above is the salt kiln firing.  When a high temperature is reached indicated by a cone melt, cones reflect the effects of time and temperature, salt is introduced into the kiln.  The salt vaporizes forming sodium and chloride vapors, sodium combines with the silica in the clay forming a glaze surface.  Never really sure of the outcome, and one would like to ignore the hydrogen chloride vapors.  An adventurous escapade in glazing.

Columbia Greene Ceramic Studio
Today we are both art educators and studio artists. As educators we manage and run the ceramics arts program at Columbia Greene Community College, Hudson NY and our lifework in art is complimented by a well equipped jewelry studio enabling us to fabricate gold and silver wearable sculptures.

Laurel Lee and Fred
We hope you found our art work interesting and welcome queries, Laurel Lee and Fred Koschetzki.

Our Artists Studio Woodstock NY